Portraits. (English)

Since this time all civilizations and cultures have sought in afrodisiac feeding and sexual stimulants.

It was the Dutch painters in the 17th century who established the theme of dead nature as a great artistic theme. It was a tribute to the bourgeoisie, a new and increasingly powerful social class: From it, no military feats or kinship could be exalt with the gods of the Olympian: From it the opulences that they introduced into everyday life were to be manifested.
Thus in the great pictorial compositions appear markets, kitchens, standing tables exhibiting a higher standard of living. They were the dead natures that impudically showed the excellent crops, fruits and vegetables that arrived in the Dutch ports all over the world. All the vegetables are featured in the pictorial work, to the point that Claude Monet said that all the strawberries in the world were from Chardin and that all the apples were from Cézanne.
The deep looks that the painters fixed on fruits, vegetables, fish and birds … the looks that they fixed on everything that entered the kitchen gave an unpretending result: The analysis of the morphology of the pepper, apple, vegetable, fish, birds revealed that there were coincidences forces between a mussel and a female sex, between a banana and a male sex to name only two of the most obvious and known. Lots of evidence and suggestions.
The photographs of Vanessa Miralles are Natures Vives because it is she who gives them the definitive sense, joins and highlights elements to establish counterpositions, to create new symbologies. It is not just a formal exercise, it is an introspection – a confession – of how the elements vegetables, fruits, fish, birds when manipulated in the kitchen lead you, sometimes to more intimate sensations.
Leaf and banana, glass and mussel – two examples – go beyond formal evidence: They contain a feminine and feminist reflection of gender value.
This sample presents living natures because they are not the reason for cold contemplation but for incisive and warm introspection.